Friday, October 2, 2009

New Erotica Ebook - Fair Robert

Fair Robert is my favorite book (that I've written:). Why? I'm not sure except that I really love all the characters. Here's a list of the characters and a little about them:

Gwen - a beautiful woman with a heart of gold who helps wayward immortals

Robert - a vampire with long blonde hair who is Gwen's soul mate

Dusty - Gwen's right hand man, he's big and muscular with long red hair

Steven - another vampire who lives in Gwen's home. He's funny, sexy, and clever with black hair

Justin - one of my favorites - a british, half-cupid badboy who loves Gwen and Robert

Andrew - a half-nymph who's incredibly beautiful with silver hair

They just all come together really well and I love 'em all. And I wish I had a Fair Robert of my own. Did you see the cover? I mean, My God!, right? Here's the blurb:

Robert isn't much of a vampire. He's not interested in power. But when he's framed for a crime he doesn't commit and sold at the slave auctions, he should thank his lucky stars that Gwen buys him. But he doesn't. He doesn't know that she's sacrificed everything to purchase him. He doesn't know that she's made him a free man. He doesn't know how lucky he really is. Yet.

Go on over to and have a look and a sample reading. Here's the link:

Happy Reading!


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